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The general goal of this project is to study the processes and outcomes of speech perception training in postlingually deafened adults fitted with cochlear implants. As part of this work we need to measure speech perception performance, using materials that place different relative emphases on the several components of the speech perception process. One of the materials that we have developed consists of 48 sets of topic-related sentences (see report #RCIl). These sets have been videorecorded by one female talker. One of the audio tracks contains the full acoustical signal. The other contains the output from an electroglottograph and consists mainly of fundamental voice frequency (see report PRCI3). The goals of the present study were:

i) to obtain data from normal subjects via lipreading supplemented by fundamental frequency.

ii) to compare the 48 sets for equivalence under this test condition.

iii) to measure any short term learning effects that might occur in inexperienced lipreaders.

iv) to obtain an estimate of the test-retest reliability of word recognition scores obtained with these sentence sets under this test condition.



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