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Fall 2017


The exhibit Zines as Creative Resistance was created by Wanett Clyde and Elvis Bakaitis, and displayed in the Graduate Center Library from 2017-18. The exhibit was accompanied by two events, a panel discussion on 10/17/2017, featuring Jenna Freedman (Barnard College), Erica Cardwell (BMCC), Kel Karpinski (NYCCT) and Devin N Morris (3 Dot Zine), and Zines: a DIY Scholarly Experience, a workshop held on 11/9/17. Zines included in the exhibit were primarily from the personal collection of Elvis Bakaitis, with contributions by Wanett Clyde and the Barnard College Zine Library.

The wall text references the featured works, with sections indicating the visual organization of the display.


Slides for a panel of the same title, co-sponsored by Women and Gender Studies Masters of Arts Program and moderated by Clyde and Bakaitis are available at



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