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Together our two essays move between scenes of teaching and researching with women and men who are or have been in prison. Having written on ethnography, autoethnography, and participatory research, we both have sought a method that would allow us to abandon superficial identifications, mistaken for deep connection, with those who are or have been incarcerated. While we are conscious of the failures and successes of our attempts, we nonetheless write because what we have learned about the state's support for mass incarceration and the state's retreat from public higher education—particularly for persons of color—more than warrants it. With this essay, we invite readers to take seriously, as we do, the relation of mass incarceration and what today is called "prisoner reentry" to all that is implied by the terms "the personal," "the political," "the economic," and "the social."


This article is being used with the permission of The Feminist Press and they reserve all rights.

Full citation: Clough, P., & Fine, M. (2007). Activism and pedagogies: Feminist reflections. Women's Studies Quarterly, 35(3/4), 255-275.


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