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José Navarro Bermuz, an Aragonese intellectual who worked for the Italian family of the Ludovisi, was known for his active participation in the literary academies and poetic competitions of his time, and for his collection of Poesías varias. My research entails an in-depth study of the intellectual and political landscape of the second half of the 17th century in which Navarro lived and wrote. My aim was emphasize the significance of his literary production within the context of Spanish Early Modern literature, together with the critical edition of both his Poesías varias, and the Loa para la comedia de la fuerza del natural, a short theatrical piece, published as a pliego suelto, discovered in two libraries in Sardinia and New York. I finally endeavored to draw the attention to the impact of Navarro's literary production, and in particular the Loa, on the history of poetry and short drama in the 17th century.


Citation information: Estudio y edición de las "Poesías varias" de José Navarro (1654). Zaragoza: Universidad de Zaragoza, 2014.



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