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Fall 10-10-2015


One of the few basic premises that sociological analysis assumes is a general answer to the question of how society is organized according to some sort of agreement or contract. Elucidating how this question is still unsettled requires an exploration of how several prominent thinkers have considered what the basis for society is and how it is related to justice founded in the cognitive sociological basis of individuality. Drawing on the cognitive and cultural turn, this critique offers a revision of the structure-agency problem and examines the implications for a sociological conception of freedom and a corresponding concept of causation for the human sciences.


This is a delivered presentation. More formal expositions of the ideas present are forthcoming.

Citation information: Raphael, Michael W. 2015. “On the Prospect of a Cognitive Sociology of Law: Recognizing the Inequality of Contract.” Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Law and Society Association, New York.

The Loci of Cognition in the Model of the Actor.pdf (90 kB)
The Loci of Cognition in the Model of the Actor



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