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Acted or real—and all life is real whether one is acting or not—the common denominator and consistent, ubiquitous reality of life and all behavior is that it manifests in the form of relationships on all scales. But what is a relationship? Until now, the answer to this question has not been sufficiently known. As a result of many years of empirical research that began with the aim of discovering what is going on in a gifted actor when s/he is playing a character that can be observed and experienced as a living, intuitive being, and based on the knowledge that to create a character’s life the actor must create the character’s relationships, the discrete, variable components of relationship and their systematic interaction in a physical system were discovered. This system, a self-organizing complex system in which human level behavior is polymeric and computational, is explained in this paper. A human being has both a subjective and objective existence that manifests in a vast network of relationships that includes and links mind and body and the physical and social environment. Generating and processing the information comprising the ever-changing universe of a person’s relationships, this invariant system constitutes: the coding of human behavior, the mechanism of selection, replication and adaptation, memory storage and retrieval, symmetry in physical law, and the reconciliation of classical and quantum physics. It is the link between genetic and cultural evolution, and, I suggest, the function of the claustrum.


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This work was originally published as a book in 2007. A few revisions have been made to correct typos in the original, and a few word changes have been made for stylistic purposes, with none bearing on the work itself. The formatting of the references has also been edited.

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