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Fall 12-16-2016

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Susan Farkas

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Arts & Culture

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Master of Arts (MA)


The Libertarian Party, which calls itself “The Party of Principle,” seems to have had a special appeal during the 2016 presidential election—a campaign in which the two major party candidates started out with historically low approval numbers.

Supporters of the party, such as Doug Braff, a film student from NYU, remained loyal to the party even after the election season was over. These supporters have received backlash from disappointed Hillary Clinton supporters who believe that Clinton could have won the presidency if she had garnered the votes that, instead, went to Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.

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Audio or Video Files

photo_ashley_nicole_sequence1.jpg (548 kB)
Gary Johnson fights for votes in contentious election season

photo_ashley_nicole_sequence2.jpg (470 kB)
Gary Johnson supporters drum up support on the streets of Times Square

photo_ashley_nicole_sequence3.jpg (529 kB)
Third-party supporters gather outside Intrepid to raise support for Gary Johnson

photo_ashley_nicole_sequence4.jpg (409 kB)
Third-party supporters protest against two main contenders

photo_ashley_nicole_sequence5.jpg (349 kB)
Hofstra students come out to show love for top presidential candidates

photo_ashley_nicole_sequence6.jpg (572 kB)
Libertarian supporters buy Johnson paraphernalia at Marriott rally

photo_ashley_nicole_sequence7.jpg (539 kB)
Voters turn to third-party candidates

photo_ashley_nicole_sequence8.jpg (533 kB)
Minorities speak to media about their choice to support Gary Johnson



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