Graduation Date

Fall 12-16-2016

Grading Professor

Mary Pilon

Subject Concentration


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Residents across New York City—particularly those living in rent-stabilized or rent-controlled apartments—are subject to concerted, persistent harassment at the hands of landlords determined to replace them with higher-rent paying tenants or tenants who will remain compliant in response to the landlords’ negligence or illegal actions. Although tenant harassment is illegal in New York City, the laws and penalties of New York City Housing Court have proven to be an ineffective system for tenants and insufficient deterrent against landlords who stand to make significant financial gains from deregulating apartments and who often get slapped with little to no fines for their efforts to force tenants out. Remedies have been proposed by lawmakers and activists, including increasing penalties, providing low-income tenants legal representation and improving oversight of the Department of Buildings, but these have yet to take effect and tenants continue to suffer.



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