Graduation Date

Fall 12-16-2016

Grading Professor

Greg David

Subject Concentration

Business & Economics

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Puerto Rico is in the midst of an economic calamity. The U.S. Territory faces a $73 billion debt, an economy on a downward spiral and hemorrhaging population numbers. In response, the U.S. Congress passed the PROMESA Act, which includes an oversight board to control Puerto Rico’s finances. But this purported pathway to prosperity won’t revitalize the Caribbean island.

As the board’s austerity measures fail to turn the economy around, ordinary Puerto Ricans are peddling to resurrect the island’s private sector. These stories from Puerto Rico illustrate the pain of economic decay and the hope that new technology can make a new Puerto Rico.

In Broken PROMESA, see the animated metrics of the economic crisis; watch what it’s like to work several jobs to survive; and read the story of a withering economy and the people who work to weather the storm.

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