Graduation Date

Fall 12-15-2017

Grading Professor

Frederick Kaufman

Subject Concentration

Health & Science

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


This long-form narrative feature article reports on the shortage of living kidney donors and those in desperate need of kidney transplants. It features interviews with doctors, transplant coordinators, patients, living kidney donors, and kidney recipients. The story culminates with my own personal experience as a kidney donor to my late dad over a decade ago. The presentation includes an extensive photo component capturing characters and elements from the story through a series of detailed portraits, photo essays, and infographics.

PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_1.jpg (440 kB)
PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_2.jpg (1876 kB)
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PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_8.jpg (697 kB)
PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_9.jpg (670 kB)
PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_10.jpg (197 kB)
Kidney Infographic

PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_11.jpg (1054 kB)
PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_12.jpg (604 kB)
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PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_21.jpg (1515 kB)
PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_22.jpg (1148 kB)
PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_23.jpg (609 kB)
PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_24.jpg (592 kB)
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PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_29.jpg (1214 kB)
PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_30.jpg (921 kB)
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PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_41.jpg (828 kB)
PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_42.jpg (526 kB)
PHOTO_Axelrod_Scott_43.jpg (673 kB)
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