Graduation Date

Fall 12-15-2017

Grading Professor

Prue Clarke

Subject Concentration


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


For Karimi Wahab, an Afghan refugee currently accommodated at a center for asylum seekers in Sjenica, Serbia, watching refugees from other war-torn countries get moved along into the European Union has become routine. Afghans make up nearly two thirds of Serbia’s stranded migrants and refugees. In Sjenica, it’s been more than a year since any Afghan got onto the list maintained by Hungarian immigration authorities that allows 10 migrants to enter the country from Serbia each business day. Compared to Syrians and Iraqis, Afghans have also been granted asylum less frequently across the EU, on average, every year since 2014. In the effective standstill since the closing of the Western Balkans land route into the EU, families like the Karimis are caught between the violent country they know, where it’s too dangerous to return, and an unknown destination and future they’ve all but lost hope in.

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