Graduation Date

Fall 12-16-2017

Grading Professor

Greg David

Subject Concentration

Business & Economics

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


My capstone is on Ivanka Trump's business, how it's really doing and how politics plays a role. For many shoppers buying her products is a political statement but not purchasing is just as big of a statement to enforce their political beliefs. Even though her business is not public I used research, reporting and interviews to prove that her company isn't doing as well as she claims it is. From super discounted products to lawsuits on her brand and boycott movements, Ivanka Trump's brand is suffering under her father's presidency.

PHOTO_Ramanand_Elizabeth_#1.jpg (68 kB)
Aquazurra shoe comparison to Ivanka Trump. Photo Credit:

PHOTO_Ramanand_Elizabeth_#2.jpg (68 kB)
Along with the lawsuit, Aquazzura alleged trade dress infringement, unfair competition and deceptive trade practices against Ivanka Trump. Photo Credit:

PHOTO_Ramanand_Elizabeth_#3.jpg (39 kB)
Example of copyright lawsuit that Aquazurra filed against Ivanka Trump.Fashion Designer Edgardo Osorio filed lawsuits against large brands like Ivanka Trump, Steve Madden and Marc Fisher who copied this shoe design. Photo Credit:

PHOTO_Ramanand_Elizabeth_#4.jpg (84 kB)
Fashion Designer Edgardo Osorio filed lawsuits against large brands like Ivanka Trump, Steve Madden and Marc Fisher who copied this shoe design. Photo Photo Credit: Aquazurra/Nordstrom Rack

PHOTO_Ramanand_Elizabeth_#5.jpg (37 kB)
Derek Lam sent Ivanka Trump a cease-and-desist for “blatantly and intentionally copied” his Ayami wedge sandal. Photo Credit:

PHOTO_Ramanand_Elizabeth_#6.jpg (146 kB)
in 2012 Mystique, a shoe manufacturing company, filed a copyright infringement and unfair competition claim against Ivanka Trump for copying two sandal designs. Photo Credit:

PHOTO_Ramanand_Elizabeth_#7.jpg (160 kB)
An Ivanka Trump bag nearly 85 percent off sold at T.J. Maxx and no longer seen as a luxury item. Photo Credit: Yahoo Finance

PHOTO_Ramanand_Elizabeth_#8.jpg (43 kB)
Multiple Ivanka Trump blazers on the clearance rack at T.J. Maxx. Photo Credit: Janelle Bludorn/Twitter

PHOTO_Ramanand_Elizabeth_#9.jpg (3492 kB)
At the Macy’s flagship store in New York City, most of Ivanka Trump’s clothes were on sale and tucked in between other brands. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Ramanand

PHOTO_Ramanand_Elizabeth_#10.jpg (67 kB)
An Ivanka Trump sweater heavily discounted in Marshalls at a price a savy, non-political customer wouldn’t mind purchasing. Photo Credit: Twitter/Margaret Cho

PHOTO_Ramanand_Elizabeth_#11.jpg (200 kB)
Dollar General tweeted out that it was selling Ivanka Trump merchandise. Photo Credit: Dollar General/Twitter



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