Graduation Date

Fall 12-16-2016

Grading Professor

Fred Kaufman

Subject Concentration

Urban Reporting

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


My capstone project follows the life of a mother and her children after her addiction to drugs and a prison sentence. It explores the impact of the criminal justice system on women and families.

Link to capstone project:

IMG_3086.jpg (45 kB)
(L to R): Tamika Quiles, Aunt Desiree, Marilyn Reyes-Scales, and Jessica Torres holding baby sister Sarah. (Courtesy of Jessica Torres)

IMG_3084.jpg (47 kB)
Maurice Scales with Jessica Torres. (Courtesy of Jessica Torres)

IMG_3083.jpg (53 kB)
Tamika Quiles in her grandparents’ Staten Island home. (Courtesy of Jessica Torres)

IMG_3088.jpg (58 kB)
Young Jessica Torres and Tamika Quiles, holding her younger sister Sarah. (Courtesy of Jessica Torres)



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