Graduation Date

Fall 12-13-2019

Grading Professor

John Smock

Subject Concentration

Arts & Culture

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


"Disability Artistry is Not Outsider Art" explores the obstacles artists with disabilities face in trying to go mainstream.

AUDIO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence1.mp3 (537 kB)
Alejandra Duque Cifuentes discusses ableism in language

AUDIO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence2.mp3 (535 kB)
Alejandra Duque Cifuentes on Inexpensive Ways to Make a Cultural Space Accessible

AUDIO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence3.mp3 (383 kB)
Sabrina Bennett on Hugo, Her Partner and Ex- Physical Therapist

AUDIO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence4.mp3 (543 kB)
Garrison Redd on the Younger Generation of Advocates

AUDIO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence5.mp3 (207 kB)
Garrison Redd Reacting to a Fan

AUDIO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence6.mp3 (281 kB)
Heidi Latsky on Promoting Her Beliefs

AUDIO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence7.mp3 (268 kB)
Heidi Latsky on Accessible Venues

AUDIO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence8.mp3 (470 kB)
Robert On Moving Back Home After Rehab

AUDIO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence9.mp3 (400 kB)
Robert On His Long Term Goals

AUDIO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence10.mp3 (261 kB)
Londs Reuter on Their Brother

AUDIO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence11.mp3 (442 kB)
Londs Reuter on What the ADA Actually Does

AUDIO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence12.mp3 (678 kB)
María Portman Kelly on Pamela Quinn

AUDIO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence13.mp3 (306 kB)
María Portman Kelly on Staff Inclusion

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence1.jpg (5003 kB)
Heidi Latsky suggesting a tricky one-wheel bit of choreography to Sabrina Bennett and Garrison Redd at The Gibney in Manhattan. 26/10/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence2.jpg (4887 kB)
DanceNYC Executive Director Alejandra Duque Cifuentes sits in her West Village office in Manhattan. 09/12/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence3.jpg (4715 kB)
DanceNYC Executive Director Alejandra Duque Cifuentes stands for a portrait at her West Village office. 09/12/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence4.jpg (5287 kB)
Sabrina Bennett with her hands on her face prepairing for her performance at The Gibney in Manhattan 20/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence5.jpg (17506 kB)
Hugo watching Sabrina and Garrison at their performance at The Gibney. 20/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence6.jpg (8572 kB)
Sabrina Bennett showing Heidi Latsky how still she can be on two wheels at The Gibney. 13/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence7.jpg (3520 kB)
Sabrina Bennet and Garrison Redd rehearsing the ASL portion of their performance in a studio at The Gibney. 26/10/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence8.jpg (4494 kB)
Sabrina and Garrison rehearsing their duet weeks before their performance at The Gibney in Manhattan. 26/10/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence9.jpg (5662 kB)
Garrison and his co-dancer join hands ahead of their performance at The Gibney. 21/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence10.jpg (4489 kB)
Garrison and one of his co-dancers in the middle of the last duet of their show at The Gibney. 21/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence11.jpg (18203 kB)
Garrison doing breathing exercises ahead of practice at The Gibney. 20/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence12.jpg (6278 kB)
Heidi Latsky showing Sabrina Bennett how to stretch her arms past where she’s done before at The Gibney in Manhattan 13/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence13.jpg (3199 kB)
Heidi Latsky observing rehearsal with her able-bodied dancers and disabled dancers at The Gibney. 13/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence14.jpg (8247 kB)
Heidi Latsky points something out she did not like during rehearsal at The Gibney in Manhattan. 20/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence15.jpg (7849 kB)
Robert Andy Coombs and his assistance dog Ladd who he's had for over 8 years at Yale University. 26/10/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence16.jpg (1692 kB)
One of Robert Andy Coombs images curled up, waiting to be put on the wall for critique at Yale University. 05/05/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence17.jpg (10160 kB)
Robert Andy Coombs at Yale University’s “Old Quad.” The following day was his birthday. 26/10/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence18.jpg (2285 kB)
Rolls of used and new film paper at the Yale School of Art printing space. 05/05/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence19.jpg (2860 kB)
Robert Andy Coombs, 32, drags his Yale peers across “The Pool” floor as their end of year party kicks off. 27/03/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence20.jpg (2820 kB)
Robert Andy Coombs at his final first-year critique at Yale. 05/05/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence21.jpg (6114 kB)
Londs Reuter stretching along side over dancers in Brooklyn, New York 19/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence22.jpg (4176 kB)
An able-bodied dancer prepares one last time, before the show in Brooklyn, New York. 19/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence23.jpg (4920 kB)
Londs Reuter going over their lines one last time, before the show in Brooklyn, New York. 19/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence24.jpg (5949 kB)
Dancers with PD practicing for their spring show at Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn, New York. 22/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence25.jpg (8022 kB)
An intern at Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn, New York aids a dancer with parkinson’s walk. 22/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence26.jpg (8048 kB)
A dancer without PD dips a dancer with PD during an intimate part of the show. 26/10/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence27.jpg (6991 kB)
Pam Quinn, choreographer with PD, rehearsing an early part of Neuro-Dance with her dancers. 22/11/2019

PHOTO_Durán_Hiram_Sequence28.jpg (4705 kB)
Pam’s dancer rehearsing Neuro-Dance at Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn ahead of their May performance. 22/11/2019

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Art Practice Commons



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