Graduation Date

Fall 12-16-2019

Grading Professor

Nyier Abdou

Subject Concentration

Arts & Culture

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


The Body. The Art. The Psyche is a series that delves into the psyche behind doing body art. What drives an artist to manipulate another's body whether permanently or impermanently. What drives them? What they gain out of it? What are they seeking? The series has two artists; A tattoo artist who is driven by the demons of the human mind and macabre things around him; another is a henna artist who is driven by the mystical properties of henna and is inspired by the celebration of life. I have tried to draw a contrast between permanence and impermanence in body art.


PHOTO_Agrawal_Anushtha_Sequence#1.jpg (1862 kB)
Photo Essay: photo 1

PHOTO_Agrawal_Anushtha_Sequence#2.jpg (2037 kB)
Photo Essay: photo 2

PHOTO_Agrawal_Anushtha_Sequence#3.jpg (1436 kB)
Photo Essay: photo 3

PHOTO_Agrawal_Anushtha_Sequence#4.jpg (1966 kB)
Photo Essay: photo 4

PHOTO_Agrawal_Anushtha_Sequence#5.jpg (1875 kB)
Photo Essay: photo 5

PHOTO_Agrawal_Anushtha_Sequence#6.jpg (1792 kB)
Photo Essay: photo 6

PHOTO_Agrawal_Anushtha_Sequence#7.jpg (1593 kB)
Photo Essay: photo 7

PHOTO_Agrawal_Anushtha_Sequence#8.jpg (1454 kB)
Photo Essay: photo 8

PHOTO_Agrawal_Anushtha_Srquence#9.jpg (2444 kB)
Photo Essay: photo 9

PHOTO_Agrawal_Anushtha_Sequence#10.jpg (2038 kB)
Photo Essay: photo 10

PHOTO_Agrawal_Anushtha_Sequence#11.jpg (1789 kB)
Photo Essay: photo 11

PHOTO_Agrawal_Anushtha_Sequence#12.jpg (1019 kB)
Photo Essay: photo 12

VIDEO_Agrawal_Anushtha_Sequence#1.mp4 (454871 kB)
Beyond the Macabre- First video of the series on a tattoo artist.

VIDEO_AgrawaL_Anushtha_Sequence#2.mp4 (507585 kB)
A Moment of Celebration- Second Video of the series on a henna artist

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Art Practice Commons



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