Graduation Date

Fall 12-2019

Grading Professor

Daryl Khan

Subject Concentration

Urban Reporting

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


This capstone projects examines the coming of the fight for a $15 minimum wage across New York State and beyond its borders. In 2012, the Fight for $15 organization took the streets of NYC to begin their fight only raising the wages for low income earners who work in different industries such fast- fast, hospitality, and even retail. For years now, the government has yet raise the minimum wage for all Americans which has caused several families to feel a crunch in affording a normal lifestyle. Since the start of this fueled fight, New York City is one of the first cities to enact the $15 minimum wage for all its workers. However, some small business owners say this new mandated law has forced them to either close their businesses, cut back on staff, or change their business model. On the other hand, while many employees say they believe this is a first step, they believe that the $15 an hour is not enough with the high cost of living which continues to rise. This story will provide an in-depth look at both sides from a small local business owner and a worker's point of view on the rise on the minimum wage, local and government opposite sides to the argument, and how advocates say the fight for income inequality is still not over.

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