Graduation Date

Fall 12-17-2021

Grading Professor

Rachel Glickhouse & Kristine Villanueva

Subject Concentration

Engagement Journalism

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


School social workers in Texas are underfunded, under-appreciated, and overworked. I spent 18 months interviewing and getting to know school social workers across Texas to find out what their needs were. The main concerns I learned where: not many people know what school social workers do and that limits the resources they can provide, and there are not enough social workers in the schools across Texas which makes their workload unmanageable. I created one-pagers to distribute during the Texas legislative session on why the Texas Education Code should require all schools to provide social services. I also created a chatbot the provides links and important information on reports and assessments that serves as a resource for school staff instead of having to rely on the school social worker.



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