Graduation Date

Fall 12-16-2022

Grading Professor

Marco Aviles

Subject Concentration

Spanish Language

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


This is the story of how asbestos is removed in New York City, and who carries out the work. It's unclear how much more asbestos abatement is left in the county, and the U.S. has not completely banned the dangerous material, unlike over 50 other countries across the world. Both of these things could change soon. A new study that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will carry out by December 2024 would give us a better picture of how much asbestos there is still in buildings and how much more removal work is to be done. At the same time, a new bill introduced to the U.S. Senate in May 2022, is trying to ban the last kind of asbestos that is still being used in the country.

Link to capstone:

Photo_Perez-Castells_Ariana_1.jpg (361 kB)
NYC skyline

Photo_Perez-Castells_Ariana_2.jpg (3909 kB)
Luz Duche in a park

Graphic_Perez-Castells_Ariana_3.jpg (180 kB)
Graph of imports/exports and asbestos production

Photo_Perez-Castells_Ariana_4.jpg (2875 kB)
Asbestos warning signs at construction site

Photo_Perez-Castells_Ariana_5.jpg (2230 kB)
Air monitor at construction site

Photo_Perez-Castells_Ariana_6.jpg (1482 kB)
Part of shower tunnel at construction site

Photo_Perez-Castells_Ariana_7.jpg (2284 kB)
Helmets at a construction site

Photo_Perez-Castells_Ariana_8.jpg (4114 kB)
Luz and other women of Local 78 outside of the St. Patrick's Cathedral

Photo_Perez-Castells_Ariana_9.jpg (3750 kB)
Construction workers outside of St. Patrick's Cathedral



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