Graduation Date

Fall 12-31-2015

Grading Professor

Marshall Allen

Subject Concentration

Health & Science

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Thousands of women report having suffered from injuries and malfunctions related to Essure permanent birth control, including chronic pain, heavy bleeding, migration, or perforation. Many of these women also claim that Essure has caused nickel allergies, hair loss, bloating, rashes, unintended pregnancies, and death. What was promised to be an easy solution has become a life-altering problem.

As patient complaints have increased, experts have gone back and studied the science behind the approval of the Essure device. Their findings are startling: There were flaws with the studies that supported the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the device, the experts claim. Furthermore, the FDA, which is now puzzling out what to do about the problem, may be grossly underestimating the magnitude of the problem. In the meantime, doctors continue implanting the devices.

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