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Spring 2009


Table of Contents:

Preface by Lucinda Zoe

Introduction by Carl James Grindley and Kim Sanabria

Hostos Library Fall 2008 Satisfaction Survey: Results and Discussion by Kate Lyons and Elisabeth Tappeiner

Use of a Triple-Entry Journal Assignment in a Writing Intensive Microbiology Course Section to Help Students to Read and Write More Effectively by Julie Trachman

General Education Inquiry Groups: The Story of a Pedagogical Conversation by Gina Cicco

What is Cheating About? by Nelson Núñez-Rodríguez

Promoting the Use of the Flow Chart in Chemistry by Yoel Rodríguez and Nelson Núñez-Rodríguez

Wikis, Group Projects, and Cooperative Learning by Paula Korsko, Kate Lyons, Carlos Guevara, and Iber Poma

The Importance of Teaching Globalization Concepts in Business Education and Across General Education Through Curriculum Implementation Methods by Héctor López

A Drama of Healing: In the Blood as An Authentic Learning Experience by Angel Morales

‘Project Group’ Work in Biology by Flor Henderson and Zvi Ostrin

The Hostos Bridge by Robert Cohen

A Cure for the Common Poem by Carl James Grindley

My 20-year Research Journey for a New Species of Spiders, or How to Come to a New Discovery by Vladimir Ovtcharenko

The Relevance of Hostos’s Ideas on Education by Carlos Rojas Osorio Trans. by Orlando Hernández



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