Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 2008



Daisy Cocco De Filippis- Preface;

Carl James Grindley and Kim Sanabria- Introduction;

Christine Mangino- The Learning Profiles of Hostos Community College Students;

Eileen Kennedy- Teaching in the Linguistically Diverse Writing Classroom: Voices of Our Students;

Miriam Laskin- Library Services on the Cutting Edge: Reaching the Net Generation;

Gina Cicco- Tips For Effective College Teaching: Using Group Leadership Skills as a Guide;

Héctor López- Business Education, Internships and Students’ Transition to Work—Are Students Meeting Employers’ Expectations?;

Ian Charles Scott- Notes on a Portrait of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies;

Walter Rada- Tierra Mía;

Miguel Correa- La Entrevista;

Amanda Bernal-Carlo, Isabel Li and Lucinda Zoe- Innovations in Faculty Leadership and Curricular Revitalization: Marketing Beautiful Ideas;

Judith Summerfield- Celebration of the Committee On Beautiful Ideas;

Nelson Núñez- Rodríguez- Teaching Anatomy and Physiology Beyond the Boundaries of the Classroom;

Paula Korsko and Catherine Lyons- Crossing Academic Domains: Creating a Learning Environment in Faculty Teamwork;

Amy Ramson- Education for Sexual Harassment Prevention: Which Training Technique Works Best?;

Gregory Marks- Socrates in the South Bronx;



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