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From Overview, p. 1:

The Task Force for John Jay Online convened over a five month period between the end of September 2010 and the end of February 2011 to develop a multi‐year plan to expand online offerings at John Jay College. By building on the earlier, comprehensive effort of the Task Force for Distance Learning Policy and Practice, which issued its final report in August 2007, and on the experience of the MPA‐IG program, which recently completed its first year and issued an assessment report in the fall 2010, the task force aimed to contribute to the College’s history of innovation for student success.

The work of the task force has revealed that a number of graduate and certificate programs may be excellent candidates for successful online delivery. At the same time, the findings and recommendations of the task force show that significant institutional investments in strategic planning, seasoned leadership, professional staffing, faculty development and incentives will be needed to position the College for success in the highly competitive educational arena of online learning. Cost recovery and net revenue gains are projected to follow program growth over time and are related to the specific models of planning, implementation and delivery that are selected.


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