Reports from John Jay College

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Winter 2006


Associate Degree Report:

John Jay’s decision to admit associate degree students to its criminal justice programs is a reflection of its commitment to the dual mission of providing excellence in education and educational access. As John Jay enters its fifth decade, the College community is engaging in a frank and open discussion about its associate degree programs and whether current offerings best serve John Jay students, New York City, and the criminal justice community. The goal of this document is to provide the College community with the background information necessary to examine these concerns.

Liberal Arts Report:

From its inception, John Jay has intensely debated how best to balance its professional and liberal arts missions. Many members of the John Jay community believe that the College’s criminal justice mandate defines the institution. They assert that requiring a nexus between program offerings and the College’s distinct mission strengthens the institution, provides students with necessary skills and enhances its reputation amongst scholars and practitioners in the field of criminal justice. Other community members believe that expanding the role of liberal arts at the College advances John Jay’s academic standing, increases student and faculty recruitment and retention, and better prepares students for long-term professional success.


These reports were released over the Winter of 2005-2006.



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