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From email by President Jeremy Travis 4/05/2017:

The decision to create the Task Force grew from the recognition that we spend an enormous amount of time working in committees. Now is a good time to ask whether our committees are efficient, transparent, and reflective of the values of our college.

The Report represents the first step in that discussion. In 2015, the Task Force conducted two surveys eliciting information about committees at John Jay. They created a database and analyzed the data that were collected. This report focuses on only one category of committees- those that are mandated by CUNY bylaws, CUNY policy or the John Jay College Charter of Governance. As you will see, the Report includes two appendices that list, by committee and by source of authority, the mandated committees.


While the PDF report is dated October 2016, this report and appendices were released as attachments to an 'Important Announcements' email by President Jeremy Travis April 4, 2017.

All elements to this were converted to separate PDFs for uploading to Academic Works.



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