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The Task Force has generally concluded that distance learning initiatives should only go forward with the full commitment of the college's leadership, made real by dedicated resources and personnel, and carried forward by organizational structures and policies designed to best deliver online education.

The Task Force surveyed John Jay faculty, students and administrators about their experiences with online learning at the college, finding an acceptance of distance learning and an anticipation of its expansion. The competitive landscape was surveyed as well, identifying a large number of institutions in New York and across the country 'that offer degrees in criminal justice, public safety and related public services. The Task Force has concluded that this market is robust and that John Jay can successfully enter this market with select programs.

The Task Force has determined that John Jay should go online with existing academic programs attractive to criminal justice, public safety and public service professionals. Given the educational level of this group, the experience particular John Jay programs have with online offerings, and the easier road to state certification for graduate programs, the Task Force has determined that the Master of Protection Management and the Master of Public Administration Program-Criminal Justice Policy and Administration should be the initial programs offered online. Given the online success of three to five course certificate programs, the Task Force has determined that the NYPD/John Jay Graduate Certificate Program, whose courses already transfer to the two recommended Masters programs, should be mounted online as well.



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