Date of Award

Spring 6-2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity



First Advisor or Mentor

Shweta Jain

Second Reader

Adam Scott Wandt


In today’s world, the Blockchain technology is used for different purposes has brought an increment in the development of different Blockchain platforms, services, and utilities for storing data securely and efficiently. Quorum Blockchain, an Ethereum fork created by JPMorgan Chase, has placed itself in one of the widely used, efficient and trustful Blockchain platforms available today. Because of the importance which Quorum is contributing to the world, it is important to test and measure different aspects of the platform, not only to prove how efficient the software can be but as well as to have a clear view on what type of environment the platform could be better used. This research has been focused on testing the efficiency and speed of the transactions been sent to the platform in different types of environments, like local server nodes, virtual machine nodes and cloud instance nodes, by focusing its tests on the average of transactions per second or TPS being made. Once the tests were carried out, and results were obtained, there was a clear difference between the environments used. Using cloud instances for nodes improves the TPS for every single type of transactions over any other types of nodes. It might have been predicted that Cloud Instances would have done a better performance, but other factors could have caused the fallback in results for this type of nodes.



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