Date of Award

Summer 6-2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Criminal Justice



First Advisor

Dennis Kenney

Second Reader

Susan Pickman


This research examines the effectiveness of loss prevention strategies, specifically, uniformed and undercover Loss Prevention Agents (LPA), to determine the proper implementation of these strategies and provide necessary recommendations for the retail stores to lower the rate of shrinkage. It has been found that to date $13 billion worth of merchandise is stolen per year nationwide. Therefore, in order to reduce shoplifting, retail stores implement various loss prevention strategies among them: LPAs and others. Much research has been conducted in order to find an effective strategy for reducing shoplifting which among others impacts the rate of shrinkage. However, to date, prior researchers acknowledge that there is still debate about the effectiveness of loss prevention strategies and therefore should be further studied. Hence, this study, utilizing data from a retail store for two fiscal years, will compare the rate of shoplifter apprehension by two types of LPAs (uniformed vs undercover) as well as the effectiveness of security devices (closed-circuit television, product protection device, etc.). In addition, this study will utilize non-parametric quantitative data collection method and analysis of shoplifter apprehension and merchandise recovery reports which will be used as a basis for recommendations regarding future research.



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