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Transitioning from OPAC to Primo is an extra challenge when the catalog is full of e-books and e-resources which date from before Primo. When you're part of a large consortium and there are multiple copies of those e-resource records in the catalog, the problem is compounded.

This presentation explains, for catalogers, the strategies used at CUNY to improve e-resource results in Primo (while keeping OPAC fans happy a little longer).

* The Primo record: Aleph vs PCI

* Will an Aleph record get a View Online tab?

* Conditional proxying of 856 links in Primo

* Broken links in the 856 field: GUI and batch solutions

* Duplicate e-resource suppression: Which record, PCI, Aleph, both?

* In PCI, not in PCI: Getting availability right

Presented at a LACUNY Cataloging Roundtable meeting.



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