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Master of Arts (MA)


Continuing Education

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Jane Cleland


Surprises! encapsulates my education at Lehman College. During my three years of studies, I have developed a greater appreciation for science (both natural and social), and I understand science's fundamental philosophy, which at its core denotes humanity’s effort to demystify the workings of the universe, of which we are a part. If we allow it, science can dispel our misconceptions and prejudices about ourselves and our place in the universe.

Through Surprises!, I have sought to apply that understanding to help promote our human aspirations without disrupting the delicate balance of life as we know it. For better or worse, the world of human ideas shapes the natural world. So, we must strive as a species to better steward our thoughts. In writing Surprises!, I hope to motivate myself and others to adopt the disciplined life of the philosopher, through which all sciences arose.

Although Surprises! addresses middle grade readers, it can also benefit adults. Using the perspectives of natural and social sciences, particularly psychology, physics, history, and practical philosophy, the book argues that success (however we define it), necessitates self-improvement, which is best achieved through mindful, goal-oriented steps. Hence, Surprises! illustrates the kind of intellectual tinkering that human beings have been doing with ideas since the advent of philosophy itself.

In the end, like all scientific endeavors, those tips will undoubtedly be improved upon, but for now, they can empower our youth to actualize their dreams.



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