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Purpose – The paper aims to discuss the relationship between interdepartmental stakeholders in higher education and the information identified as a result of collaborations. It proposes that collaborations can help clarify issues to then advocate for them.

Design/methodology/approach – The paper opted for a naturalistic case study design, gathering direct and participant observation of interdepartmental collaborations including 1 Student Share, 12 one-hour collaborative sessions and 1 Accessibility Conference.

Findings – The paper provides observed insight about student needs to have documents that are accessible for assistive technologies to recognize and read how change is brought about during internal brand building. It suggests that successful accessibility implementation in higher education calls for collaboration with stakeholders.

Originality/value – This paper shows how a collaboration between the library and Student Disability Services can work to understand document accessibility issues. It also reveals that students with disabilities are adept with current mobile trends and technology, and need to be, for productivity in college. It will be valuable to librarians, faculty, staff and other technology stakeholders that work with students with disabilities.



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