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Spring 5-2015


Context: Although online teaching videos are easy to find, few demonstrate locally relevant models for our aspiring teachers. Lehman College School of Education began a project in Fall 2014 to collect locally relevant video of teaching and student learning to demonstrate key practices in the field. We identified classrooms of highly competent program graduates as well as Professional Development Network Schools (PDS) teachers working in classrooms with co-teaching models and/or work with English Language Learners. 6 teachers and 2 literacy coaches from our Bronx public school PDS classrooms welcomed us to videotape teaching and student learning. Teachers and Lehman College faculty liaisons collected student consent forms, organized lesson plans, collected student work and allowed a Lehman College video team (Bronx Net funded by MATH-UP) into classrooms for 1 – 3 lessons in a unit. We’ve collected approximately 55 hours of video footage.



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