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Spring 5-6-2016


Faculty grapple with resources such as skill (experience with accessible features and devices), time (teaching students how to navigate software and devices in the library), and expense (software, hardware, eBooks, databases). This presentation will provide an overview of accessible features in library research databases, computer technology, mobile devices, and apps. The presenters will report on their collaboration with Lehman College’s Access and Technology Center (ATC) and Student Disability Services to share how to better approach issues and challenges in order to more successfully support students’ access needs. We will also consider the following questions:

  • As librarians and faculty, how can we more effectively consider and then apply Universal Design features to support student retention and success?
  • How can we share and communicate our experience and expertise among Lehman’s faculty and staff to ensure our students’ accessibility needs are met?
  • What innovative approaches facilitate collaboration between CUNY faculty, students, administrators, disability services providers and libraries to foster the adoption of universal design throughout Lehman College as well as CUNY.


This presentation was given at the Bronx EdTech Showcase, Lehman College, 2016.



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