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This lightening talk will give an overview of an active-learning workshop at Lehman College for faculty developing OER. The goals of the 90 minute workshop are to provide practical exercises through which faculty learn how to identify, provide attribution for, and reuse materials that are under copyright, open access (public domain) or under Creative Commons licenses. Research Guides and tutorials on copyright and Creative Commons have been provided to faculty, but the content can be difficult for the novice to absorb. In fact, faculty often think of copyright and Creative Commons as more confusing than they are in practice.Therefore, the workshop uses structured activities in identifying copyrighted work, applying attribution, and choosing Creative Commons licenses. Faculty work on solving the most common problems of responsible re-use of materials in OER: using images and video from the web; text and images scanned from books or journals; linking to websites that have posted material without attribution or permission; and linking to material from subscription sources. Activity worksheets and workshop lesson plan will be provided.


Presentation given at "Values and Ethics in Open Access," Stony Brook University Open Access Symposium, October 26, 2018.

OER_Activity_final.docx (28 kB)
OER Copyright Workshop Activity

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OER Copyright Workshop Lesson Plan



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