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Fall 2015


Professional development with teachers, whether they are in pre-K-12 schools or in higher education, creates opportunities for discussions among teachers and teacher educators about how to find spaces for creativity and the imagination within the struc- ture of the Common Core State Standards, a set of national standards adopted on a state- by-state basis in the U.S. Two education faculty members and an education librarian from a large city university held workshops, bringing together university faculty in arts and humanities, science, mathematics and education, and pre-K-12 teachers to explore the potential for inquiry and creativity in the Common Core State Standards.


Gulla, A. N, Pinhasi-Vittorio, L., & Lehner-Quam, A. (2015). Making room for inquiry and creativity from pre-kindergarten through university. Learning Landscapes, 9(1), pp. 101-118.



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