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This article highlights a case study that assesses how graduate-level, in-service science teachers engage in an ePortfolio social pedagogy ecosystem to document their growth in knowledge practices and dispositions in information literacy. The ePortfolio social pedagogy ecosystem and this study are situated within the context of the Catalyst Framework. The three modes of interrelated social learning activities include: (1) authoring the written ePortfolio in an online ePortfolio digital media platform, (2) presenting the ePortfolio in the webinar platform, and (3) presenting the ePortfolio in- person in a physical setting. We used case study methodology to systematically investigate how each participant used their ePortfolio capstone exit project to engage the Association of College and Research Libraries’ (2015) Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (ACRL Framework) as a conceptual lens to document their competencies (as part of reflective practice) in information literacy. The unit of analysis we used was the ePortfolio entry focused on using information literacy to understand science education theory and practice. Findings show that the participants emphasized content in different but connected communication modes across the ePortfolio social pedagogy ecosystem. Findings also show that ePortfolio is an effective tool for self- assessment and reflection on one’s information literacy competencies. Implications for outcomes assessment are also discussed.


Citation: Pitts, W., & Lehner-Quam, A. (2019). Engaging the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education as a lens for assessment in ePortfolio social pedagogy ecosystem for science teacher education. International Journal of ePortfolio, 9(1), pp. 29-44.



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