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Today’s students are increasingly required to use skills when conducting online research for academic purposes. However, students may be unable to transfer their reading skills with printed texts to reading online texts in upper grades and beyond. Strategic actions required for online research are extended to account for the unique, complex reading environment of the Internet as readers locate, navigate, evaluate, and synthesize information across multimodal sources. The guided reading framework, a popular instructional framework that is widely adopted in U.S. elementary schools, lends itself to supporting students’ use of strategic actions as they conduct online research. Informed by theory and practice related to new literacies, digital literacies, reading development, and 21st century literacy demands, this manuscript proposes an instructional framework that utilizes the structure of a traditional guided reading lesson with printed texts to teach online reading and research skills in the upper elementary grades. Specific instructive examples, teacher tools, and additional instructional supports are provided to aid teachers’ use of the Online Guided Reading Framework as they work to develop students’ strategies for online inquiries.



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