Publications and Research

Mechanically-Assisted Current-Induced Switching of the Magnetic Moment in a Torsional Oscillator

Liufei Cai, CUNY Graduate Center
Reem Jaafar, CUNY LaGuardia Community College
Eugene M. Chudnovsky, CUNY Lehman College


Switching the direction of the magnetic moment in a nanomagnet is studied within a modified Slonczewski model that permits torsional oscillations of the magnet. We show that mechanical freedom may inhibit or assist magnetization switching, depending on parameters. Three regimes are studied: switching by torsional oscillations alone, switching by the spin-polarized current with torsional oscillations permitted, and magnetization switching by the current combined with mechanical twist. We show that switching of the magnetic moment is possible in all three cases and that allowing torsional oscillations of the magnet may have certain advantages for applications. Phase diagrams are computed that show the range of parameters required for the switching.