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The Library Media Resources Center is pleased to present the Fall 1990 edition of the LaGuardia Listing of Faculty publications. This publication updates the 1985 edition. It also continues to highlight the diversified scholarship of the LaGuardia Faculty. Faculty contributions make this publication possible. Thanks to those of you who responded to my memorandum of June 25, 1990. Anyone wishing to make contributions in future editions can send their data to me. This edition was produced by using a new bibliographic database. You will note that standard MLA abbreviations such as n. p., n. d., and n. pag. have been used when information was not available. We will try to update this information in future editions. I would like to acknowledge the assistance of several staff members. Special thanks to Dorothy Lopez for the long hours and diligence required to input the data. Thanks also to Norma Cruz, Gladys Forman, Nasrin Rahman and Mildred Velazquez for their assistance. –-Clementine Lewis, September 17, 1990, 58 p.



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