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September 1996, xi, 130 pages; color; tables, graphs, charts; includes glossary. Division of Institutional Advancement : Dr. Roy H. McLeod, Dean; Office of Information Management & Analysis: Kenneth McCollum, PhD, Director; Barbara Astone, Associate Director and Director of Assessment; Jairo Vanegas, Data Base Administrator; Carlos Neto, Programmer Analyst; Matthew Holmy, Computer Programmer; Barbara LeGoff, Secretary. Contents: General Information; Part 1, Section 1, All Students in Academic Programs (Fall 1991-Fall 1995); Section 2, New Students in Academic Programs (Fall 1991 to Fall 1995); Section 3, Comparisons: New Students to Admits; Section 4, Graduates; Section 5, Students in Adult &; Continuing Education Programs (Fall 1991 to Fall 1995); Part 2, Faculty & Staff (Fall 1995); Part 3, Library (F Y 1990-91 TO F Y 1994-95); Part 4, Finances (F Y 1990-91 TO F Y 1994-95); Part 5, Sponsored Research (F Y 1990-91 TO F Y 1994-95); Part 6, Space (Fall 1995); Part 7, Information Technology (Fall 1995); Part 8, LaGuardia and Wagner Archives.

From Acknowledgements: "The Office of Information Management & Analysis is pleased to present the 1996 Institutional Profile to the college community. We hope that the facts and information reported here will benefit a wide and diverse audience. With this in mind, the Profile has been developed as an information resource for as broad a spectrum of people as may be interested in LaGuardia Community College. Among others, this includes faculty and staff, present and potential students, alumni, and administrators and other policy makers, both within and outside the college..."



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