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Vol. 8, Sept. 1990; 136 p.; b&w, color photographs TOC: Activities & Events…17 / Clubs & Programs…33 / Graduation…49 CREDITS: FACULTY ADVISOR, Vincent Banrey; PROJECT DIRECTOR, Catherine Whan; EDITORS, Luis Lopez; ASST. EDITOR, Rodolfo Medina; ART: Rodolfo Medina (Cover Design; Back Endsheet; Division Pages), Peter Abbate (Front Endsheet). GRAPHIC ARTIST: Rodolfo "Funky Cold' Medina. LAYOUT DESIGNERS: Vincent Banrey, Marino "Tito" Cabrera, Ann Marie Edwards, Charletin Enock, Ana Lisa Gonzalez, Edward Hollins, Luis Lopez, Peter Martinez, Rodolfo Medina, JilI Nage, Angela ?, Keith ?, Daly Rodriguez, Catherine Whan. WRITERS: Marino "Tito" Cabrera, Vincent Cousin, Edward Hollins, Luis Lopez, JilI Nage, Cathy Passiglia, Eartha Porter, Daly Rodriguez, Christiana Sommerville, Catherine Whan. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Peter Abbate, Marino "Tito" Cabrera, Charletin Enock, Milton Ferriera, Fran Gibson, Alexandra Gomez, Bernadette Henry, Edward Hollins, Juan Jiminez, Umoja Kwanguvu, Luis Lopez, Rodolfo Medina, Allen Scribner, Frank Tocco, Catherine Wran, Alan O. Young. Special Thanks to Cathy Soria of Classic Studio (as well as Frank & Tommy).



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