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This assignment was designed to meet the criteria of the Global Learning competency and Written ability rubrics. Although it was created for the Paralegal Program, it was not made to fit one specific course as we are unsure where it fits best in the program. As we continue to experiment with placement, we have piloted this assignment in two different courses (BTP203 and BTP205) with similar results. It was designed for students to complete outside of the classroom as homework with minimal in-class instruction as the content of the assignment did not truly fit in the courses that held it in the Paralegal Program. This assignment was scaffolded with the first part being worth 5 points. The final writing assignment was worth 15% of the final grade with a draft for feedback. This version is the culmination of three semesters piloting and simplifying the material. While the assignment focuses on laws impacting refugees, it is flexible enough to fit into other courses in other disciplines. With minor adjustments, this assignment is well poised to serve as a foundation for assignments on current events, racism, history, economics, ethics, humanities, philosophy, women’s studies, literature, etc.

LaGuardia’s Core Competencies and Communication Abilities

Main Course Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce students to the Global Learning competency by exploring the causes and ethical issues around the global refugee crisis.
  • To have students consider the implications of society’s response to the issues faced by refugees.
  • Reflect on any experience with refugees or as refugees.
  • Engage students in researching laws and the purpose of those laws in response to refugees from multiple countries.
  • To have students consider perspectives and responsibilities of multiple parties including refugees, host countries, individuals and society as a whole.
  • Enable students to build research and writing abilities by drafting an essay response on the topic of the refugee crisis.


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