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Ethics specifically in Computer Curriculum is a growing problem that has yet to be widely addressed. Although, start of computer ethics being taught has been traced back to the early 1940’s it has not been standardized or implemented in all computer curriculum. The objective of this research is to diagnose the reasons why ethics is so crucial in computer curriculum at all levels. I used surveys to investigate whether students were taught ethics in their computer curriculum. I also conducted surveys for professors at universities and colleges if they were taught ethics while obtaining their degree, as well as if they teach ethics in computer curriculum. I also completed thorough research through CUNY colleges to find which colleges teach ethics in computer curriculum as well as the levels in which it is taught. The data suggests that while not all students have been taught ethics in computer curriculum, they are aware of the value. The results of my research indicate most CUNY colleges do in fact teach ethics in computer curriculum. This project will also provide insight into why it is so pertinent to have ethics in computer curriculum at all levels. These findings are different than those in the past because ethics in computer curriculum has changed, it has gotten more relevant and important in the day-to-day decisions of people creating computer systems, artificial intelligence and more.


This poster, first place winner for STEM individual projects, was presented at the 37th Semi-Annual Honors and Undergraduate Research Scholars Poster Presentation at New York City College of Technology, December 2022.

Mentor: Prof. Elizabeth Milonas (Computer Systems Technology).



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