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As of a 2019 study conducted by the National Urban Gardening Program (National Urban Gardening Program), urban farming accounts for approximately 19% of the total national farming output and is expected to triple to almost 45% by 2025. There is intensive research being conducted on aspects of reduced recidivism, communal health benefits, natural carbon capture systems, improved urban ecology and the necessity for reducing the carbon footprint of food, (informally dubbed “food miles”) there is little substantive research on optimisation, and maximation of crop productivity in hyper-urban areas.

The purpose of this report is to understand the functionalities of urban growing table, being mindful of its possible limitations, and to fully design an integrated modular growing table. There should be emphasis on making the growing table as modular as possible, while still ensuring the mobility, relative costs, and equitable access to water source, heating source, nutrient sources, and other factors. Aspects like ergonomics, workability, ventilation, air circulation also need to be taken into account for the design considered.


Mentor: Prof. Omar Rahama. The project was done for the partial fulfillment of the Product Design II class.



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