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This research project aims to enrich an Open Educational Resource (OER) textbook on Introduction to Information Systems/Technology with a focus on data mining and its relation to hardware and software components of information systems. The study will address the following research questions: (1) What is data mining? and (2) How does data relate to the hardware and software components of information systems? To answer these questions, the researcher will conduct research to ascertain the current state of data mining and its relevance in the field of information systems/technology. The results of the research will be incorporated into an existing OER textbook, modernizing or updating its content. The researcher will collaborate with the project team to develop a plan for incorporating new content into the OER textbook and communicate findings and progress to ensure the project's overall success. The research will analyze various data mining algorithms, such as K-Nearest Neighbor, Neural Networks, and Association Rules, to understand their applications in transforming large datasets into useful information. The study will also examine the advantages and disadvantages of data mining for corporations, highlighting its applications in product development, manufacturing, and customer relations, as well as potential concerns regarding data privacy and inaccuracies. By investigating data mining and its relation to information systems, this project will contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the topic for students and educators using the OER textbook. The enriched content will enable learners to better comprehend the importance of data mining and its applications within the broader context of information systems and technology.


This poster was presented at the 38th Semi-Annual Dr. Janet Liou-Mark Honors & Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation, May 4, 2023. Mentor: Prof. Patrick Slattery (Computer Systems Technology).



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