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This research aims to answer the following main question: What is language bias? We will look at the set of sub-questions too: a) How can bias be detected? b) What causes language bias? and c) What are possible solutions to language bias. Language bias refers to the tendency of individuals to hold prejudiced attitudes and beliefs about others based on their language use, accent, or origin ( . This bias can be manifested in many forms, such as discrimination, and stereotyping, and can have significant negative impacts on individuals' social, psychological, and economic well-being ( Language bias is a common issue in society that often goes unrecognized. Sociolinguistic research helps uncover bias and raise awareness about such prejudice with the goal to minimize it. Many researchers documented instances of language bias. When meeting a new person, individuals may consciously or unconsciously focus on their language, accent, or origin, which can lead to negative thoughts and attitudes toward them ( This is because some accents are considered more prestigious, such as the British accent within English language varieties. Standard language versions are also favored by some social groups. These types of preconceived notions create social barriers for those members of the society who speak other less favored versions. Bias, just as all forms of discrimination, can have negative consequences on someone's life and existence. The literature review reveals many examples of language bias. One is when doing a job interview because the interviewers can judge the value of the person by the accents instead of the qualities that they have on their resumes. Society should come together to accept different accents and focus on human talent and shared values instead of using accent and dialect to negatively judge others or exclude them. Raising linguistic awareness is one approach to solving the problem of language bias.


This poster was presented at the 38th Semi-Annual Dr. Janet Liou-Mark Honors & Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation, May 4, 2023. Mentor: Prof. Lubie Alatriste (English).



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