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In this study, the offline programming tool RoboDK is used to program industrial robots for the automation sector. The study explores the feasibility of using this non-disruptive robot programming software for classroom use; assesses how well RoboDK can be used to program various robots used in the industry; creates and tests various applications; and pinpoints technical obstacles that prevent a smooth link between offline programming and actual robots. Initial results indicate that RoboDK is an effective tool for deploying its offline programming code to a Universal Robot, UR3e. There are many potential for advanced applications. The goal of the project is to utilize RoboDK, the offline robot programming software to respond to the rising need for knowledgeable robot programmers in the automation sector.


This poster, second place winner, was presented at the CSPUR (CSTEP Summer Program for Undergraduate Research) Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation, June 29, 2023. Authors: Max Rios Carballo & Xavier Brown, Mentor: Prof. Andy S. Zhang (Mechanical Engineering Technology).



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