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The goal of this project was to design a desk-top vacuum cleaner that is compact, portable, and effective in cleaning desktops and tabletops. Two concepts were proposed and compared using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and various metrics, including in-use purposes and market, technical feasibility, ease of use, durability, and cost. The two concepts were a lifting design with hydraulics and a differently sized offset wheel design. After thorough analysis, it was determined that the lifting design with hydraulics was the better concept due to its adjustability and ability to reach different heights and angles on tabletops. The proposed product title for this concept is the "Hydraulic Lift Desktop Vacuum Cleaner." The target market for this product includes offices and households that have a need for a compact and portable vacuum cleaner. The special features of this product include the hydraulic lifting design, adjustable suction power, and different attachments for cleaning different types of surfaces. The estimated retail price for this product is $200. The project, and it’s particular parts were tested for failure for FEA, and potential failure was studied using FMEA. Finally we have also understood the major learnings of the project, and passed on our results, and data to future engineers. In conclusion, this project was done for the purpose of the Senior Design project, and while our final product may not be fit for retail, the project provided major learning in the field of product design, and product deployment.


The project was completed as part of requirements of the Senior Design class (MECH 4850), Prof. Angran Xiao. We received extensive support from all of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty and made use of its engineering labs. We would like to take the learnings from the successes and failures of the project and move on the knowledge to future projects.



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