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Scholarship on rock and popular music has grown dramatically in volume and methodological variety and complexity including extensive use of interdisciplinary approaches. There currently is no comprehensive resource for scholars and educators to explore monographic scholarly literature on rock. I will showcase a new annotated bibliography, with a focus on disciplinarity and methodology, which provides a lens into how this scholarly discourse has evolved. This bibliography also makes visible broader trends regarding research topics in rock and popular music. This project will be a resource to academics and other authors, faculty designing and updating curricula, and librarians interested in building their collections on rock and popular music. This talk will also be of interest to scholars involved in digital humanities who are interested in bibliography. I will discuss the evolution of this project and the challenges of creating consistent and logical descriptive metadata for the book records as well as selecting the right platform. Zotero was chosen because it is publicly available and can be easily browsed and searched. Completed records in Zotero are publicly available. After work on the annotated bibliography is complete, a second bibliography of materials without annotations and specialized tags will be brought into Zotero to cover other monographs that are more current and foreign language. I seek to engage scholars of popular music as contributors and to connect with digital humanities experts to explore future data visualization.


Paper presented at the Northeast Popular Culture Association annual conference, Oct. 12, 2023. This project was supported by PSC-CUNY Award # 66049-00 54 (2023-24).

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