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In this project, we developed a home-made ROS compatible autonomous mobile robot using parts from VEX robotics kits and Raspberry PI. The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools that help to build robot applications. By constructing a ROS-comparable robot, we are able to utilize the functions and tools provided by the ROS libraries. Our robot is equipped with an onboard laser sensor, the RPLidar. By using the ROS SLAM toolbox, a map was created as the robot moves in its environment. The RPLidar sensor, which outputs distances from the robot to the nearest obstacles, also helps for obstacle avoidance. Our robot includes the VEX mobile base, a third-party motor control board, and a Raspberry PI. The Raspberry PI runs Linux, controls the motor board, and communicates with the RPLidar sensor. We have successfully achieved map building and obstacle avoidance. The robot’s functionalities are thus significantly improved, being able to tackle real-world problems.


This poster was presented at the 39th Semi-Annual Dr. Janet Liou-Mark Honors & Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation, December 7, 2023. Mentor: Prof. Lili Ma ( Computer Engineering Technology).

Available for download on Friday, December 08, 2028