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The aim of this paper is to compare the rhetorical functions gathered from the citations of (14) fourteen master´s theses written by seven Spanish and seven Philippine authors. A typology of nine categories was used in order to identify the cultural rhetorical differences that exist in the use of citation from the contrast between contrasting this element in the Philippine and Spanish cultures. The methodology used is textual analysis of the linguistic context of these citations and its subsequent classification within these nine categories. The results show that there are quantitative and qualitative differences between the cultural conventions of citations between the two nationalities. The Spanish group shows a higher inclination to a more argumentative style, while the Philippine group, exhibits the use of an expository style of thesis writing. It has been evidenced in the selection of the rhetorical functions of citations. This, therefore, suggests the need to develop didactics to teach rhetorical functions of citations that ensure a cross-cultural approach to postgraduate students who undergo research in a foreign language.



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